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Hey, friends on another day I come with a new article. So if are you looking for download superbeam for pc? Then you are in the right place.

Just because here I discuss step by step process to download superbeam for pc and no matter which operating system you are using because here I discuss best ways for all os users.

To continue with this article and learn how to download and install superbeam on your pc easily.

Here I share the best three ways to download and install superbeam on your pc or laptop. So choose anyone which is most comfortable for you.

But before we start discussing how to download superbeam for pc, I want to consider what superbeam for that reader who doesn’t know what exactly superbeam is?

So all readers who don’t know what superbeam is they can read below section and all other readers who already know what exactly superbeam is they can skip it.

Let’s get started…

SuperBeam is one of the most popular and light tools which help you to share any large file from one device to another device.

Here file transferring is very fast and secure. To move you have to do is a link that two device using QR codes or password created by the app itself.

You don’t need any pen drive or hard drive to transfer data to one device to another one. You need to install superbeam and done.

The company name LiveQos develop superbeam app. And also there is one pro version of this app available on play store.

So I hope you understood what superbeam is and also what is the uses of this app. I think now you are very excited to download this app on your pc.


Let’s get started:

Superbeam Download For PC (Official Way)

Here I have two good news for all of you to continue reading this article.

First good news for you is that the official version of Superbeam is available for pc and also available for windows, mac, and Linux.

And another good news is that this app is also available free for your pc so you can easily use superbeam on you pc freely.

Also, the pc version of the superbeam is much light so any very low-end pc can run this app very smoothly without any hanging problems.

To download superbeam for pc, you need to click on the below button according to your operating system and download superbeam app.

Download Superbeam For Windows

If you are windows user then simply click on below button to download SuperBeam for your windows pc or laptop.

Download Superbeam For Mac

If you are Mac user then simply click on below button to download SuperBeam for your Mac pc or laptop.

Download Superbeam For Linux

If you are Linux user then simply click on below button to download SuperBeam for your Linux pc or laptop.

Once you download this app on your pc according to your operating system, then you need to install this app on your pc (as usual you install all other apps).

And done now you can use superbeam on your pc very easily. If you don’t know how to transfer file with superbeam, then you can read below guide.

Now let’s take a look on another way to download superbeam for pc.

Download Superbeam For PC

If are you facing any problem with the official version of superbeam on your pc. Then you can follow another process to download and install superbeam on your pc.

Here in this process, I used one android emulator to run the android app on pc. In this article, I used Bluestack as an android emulator, but you can use any that you like most.

If you never used any android emulator, then you can go with this one. So follow below step by step process.

Let get started.

  • As I discussed before we need any android emulator and here I used Bluestack. You can download Blusetack from his official website, or you can click on below download button.
  • So click on the above button and download Bluestack on your pc. (Here you can use any other android emulator if you don’t like Bluestack)
  • Now install this app on your pc, as usual, you install you another app on your pc.
  • Once you successfully installed it on your pc then click on that and open it.

start bluestack app Image

  • Now click on the play store and login with your Gmail id and pass into play store.
  • On next step search for the ‘Superbeam’ into play store search bar and hit enter.

search for superbeam image

  • Now click on the install button and download superbeam on your pc.

click on super beam image

  • Once you download it then click on the SuperBeam icon and start it.

click on superbeam app image

  • If are you facing any problem with play store then you can also download superbeam Apk and install it on your android emulator.


And you are done! Now you can enjoy superbeam on your pc.

So this is the complete process to download and install superbeam on your pc using Bluestack.

Now before you go, I highly recommend you that read all the features of the superbeam app.

Some Best Features of Superbeam

As usual, we discuss some best features of all app so here are the some best features of the superbeam app.

  • The first thing is that this app has super-fast transfer speed by using WiFi Direct.
  • Another feature of this app is that you can pair two devices by using NFC or QR code scanning.
  • Here you don’t need Superbeam web interface to transfer files you can do it with directly through the app.
  • You can transfer any large file using superbeam within minutes and without any interruption in the connection.
  • In this app to move any data, you need a paired device and transfer any data as you want without connecting devices to external USB cable and stuff like that.

So these are main highlighting features of the superbeam app. Hope you find something useful in this app’s features.

In last if are facing any problem during installation or using this app then let us know into comment box I will help you.

And also if you like this article and found some useful information in this article then don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Thanks for reading this article 😊.

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