Windows Disk Cleanup – In Depth Software Breakdown

Disk Cleanup is a software which ironically gets swept under the rug more often than not. The hard drive is often one of the most neglected parts in all of a system. People tend not to tend to it at all, leading to many a premature system getting snapped under the pressure of a murky, unoptimised hard drive. Thankfully if you have a Windows PC, then you already have the remedy to this problem.

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What is Disk Cleanup?

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Disk Cleanup is a utility provided by Microsoft Corporation on all Windows devices as standard. What this means is that if you possess any device which carries the Windows software, as far back as Windows 7, then your system already has the Disk Cleanup utility on it. To access it, you need to simply type “disk cleanup” in your Windows search field, and it will show up as an icon with a brush cleaning up a literal hard drive. In essence, this is a reliable application which, as the name suggests, allows you to clean up your hard disk drive. When opened, it presents you with a small window, with a bunch of check boxes, as well as a “cleanup” button. This list essentially shows you the various parts of your hard drive, or “partitions” so to speak which can be cleaned up. This is great as it allows you to pick and choose the areas of your drive which you wish to be cleaned out. Then, after you have selected the various areas of your drive to clean, hit the cleanup button, and Windows handles the rest. This will take a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the speed of your system, as well as the size of files which are being cleaned. After this time, voila, the squeaky clean hard drive is yours.

Why is it Important to Keep the Hard Drive Clean?

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As mentioned, the hard drive is often one of if not the most neglected parts of any PC at any given time. Since the time we unwrap the device, to the moment we sell it off second hand, we don’t even peep at the hard drive, let alone it’s performance. We simply dump stuff on it. All this neglect and carelessness catches up eventually, as the HDD is linked to all parts of the system, so an unhealthy hard drive, means an unhealthy system. This is the reason why frequent disk cleanups are highly recommended for anyone with a PC.

How Frequently Should You Disk Cleanup?

This really depends for the amount of use you get, and how reliant on hard drive performance your daily operations are. If you work with a lot of assets, graphics, documents, and data, a weekly cleanup is as far as you should go. If you’re a lighter user, and don’t use too much of your PC, or don’t think about it, one cleanup a month should more than keep the wheels on your system spinning smoothly.

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