TechPowerUp GPU-Z – Detailed Software Breakdown


TechPowerUp GPU-Z is a great application which can help us monitor a lot of things in our various devices. In the vast landscape of technology and hardware especially, smaller devices such as earphones, and smartphones tend to get replaced very quickly, while larger devices such as televisions and laptops usually have the longest lives. A real fact to admit is that people would much rather work with a slow, or even faulty laptop, than a slow or faulty smartphone. This may have something to do with the price factor involved, but it depends from person to person.

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The real problem here is ostensibly care. While it is very easy to care for a smartphone, people simply have no clue on how to take care of their laptop. Not even that, most people don’t even know the parts which go into their laptop. So today, we’re going to break down one of the essential software tools you should have on your respective device, to monitor one of the most important parts of the device, namely, the GPU, or graphics processing unit.

What is TechPowerUp


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TechPowerUp is actually an online publication. They write about all things PC and technology, and break the scoop on the biggest things happening in the world of computer parts. On any random page, you can find information about the newest processors, towers, peripherals, and so much more. Not only that, they focus on giving your device the healthiest and longest life possible. In fact, it is this very mission which got them to develop the app we are using today, GPU-Z.

What is TechPowerUp GPU-Z


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TechPowerUp GPU-Z is a monitoring and diagnostic tool used to see what the GPU, or graphics processing unit inside your computer is doing at any one time. This includes thing like speed, percentage stress, temperature, as well as which GPU is being used if a dedicated one is there on the laptop or device. It is a tool which downloads in a single application, for free from TechPowerUp’s website. We highly recommend this tool to anyone out there even mildly interested in their computer.

What are the uses of GPU-Z

When you first open up the app, you are greeted with rows and columns and rows and columns of numbers, statistics, and data. Don’t let this startle you, they are all very easy to understand. You can select which GPU to look at along the top, and the app will show you real time statistics about the GPU, including which apps are using it, current temperature, and more. You can understand this data by hovering your mouse over the title of the variable, and the app will do it’s best to explain it to you. You can take all these numbers to try and optimize the graphics card usage on your device, which in turn, will increase the longevity and performance of your laptop in general. As mentioned, the more you care for the device, the more it will end up caring for you back.

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