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Google Sketch-Up is one of the most underappreciated and underutilized tools in the world today. The field of architecture is a very interesting one. It combines elements of visual art, material design, physics, chemistry, and mathematics into a very interesting cocktail of a profession. Architecture is also one of the most demanding and challenging fields in the world today, making it no surprise that they are almost all very successful individuals as well.

When it comes specifically to this blog, we talk of technology. So clearly, architecture would be a very obvious field wherein technology could help out. Indeed, there are so many applications which help out with all the individual constituents which comprise of architecture, such as Texas Instruments applications for Maths, CAD for design, but what helps specifically with architecture? Google Sketch-Up is the answer to that.

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What is Google Sketch-Up


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As the name might suggest, Google Sketch-Up is an application developed by Google which allows people to sketch right on their computer. However, why is this linked directly to architectural design like we mentioned in the intro? Well, the tool features a suite of architectural features such as scaling, various types of materials, real life measurement conversions, and so much more. Not only is the tool very vast and in depth, it is also very versatile as well. The suite of features here extends way further than architecture as well, and can be used in general designing as well. Also, it is a great tool for kids to mess around on and get a good feel of what professional designers do on a daily basis.

Additionally, Google allows content creators to upload their specific creations into a server, which can then be viewed, or even downloaded by other Sketch-Up users. This allows for many creative and unique scenarios of collaboration to be present in this world. For example, if I designed an incredible house, but spent all my time doing that, I could then hop on the community tab and download furniture made by other great designers with which I could populate my creation. This creates a great communal ecosystem which allows people to feed off of the creative energy of one another.

What are the uses of Google Sketch-Up

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As mentioned above, designing of all kinds of things. For younger users, it really allows the creative energy to flow in the very same manner of a Maya or Illustrator would. The great suite of tools really lets you play around and make whatever you want here. For older people, students or professionals, it is great for work and productivity. It is a competent and useful design app, which also doubles as a creative tool. For real life artists, this can act as some kind of blueprint, as the material choices and color and texture options allow for fairly lifelike constructions to be made. All in all, Sketch-Up is a great tool, and is often slept on in Google’s vast library of options.

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