Game-Maker Studio 2019 – Full Software Breakdown


Game-Maker Studio is one of those applications which has simplified a previously very complex task by making it friendlier to newer consumers. It is much like Wix was for web design, or Premiere Pro for video editing. All in all, it is a very cool and unique tool, allowing those who love videogames to explore their passion even more, on a very small, even micro level.

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The gaming industry is really at it’s all-time peak right now, maybe not in terms of game quality, but purely as a money making machine. Gaming has never been more profitable. With games like Fortnight and PUBG having conquered the industry a year ago. The movement has been towards free games, with in-game-purchase models. However, people are always intimidated by the prospect of making video games. No doubt, big, triple-A games do take teams of upwards of a thousand, and budgets of multiple million.

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However, what if we told you that making a game wasn’t difficult. Obviously one would have to suspend their dreams of making a huge big budget seller, but simply to pursue their passion. Thankfully, an application has existed for a long time, allowing people to create small, basic games in order to explore their personal love for the medium. We’d like to introduce all our readers to Game-Maker Studio.

What is Game-Maker Studio?

Game-Maker Studio is a software which presents the users with a very basic layout of how games are made. In the most basic sense of the word, it is a “game engine”. It presents the user with thousands of pre-designed scripts, actions, assets, codes, and many more, and allows them to make a game in a very simple manner. The best part is, users need just a rudimentary knowledge of how to code in order to use Game-Maker, making it very accessible alongside it’s contemporaries, Unreal Engine, just to name one. It really allows creativity to flow, and as one becomes more and more professional with the software, it allows you to make better, more complex, and better looking games. If one were to fully harness the technology, there is no doubt that they could make a fantastic game on what is a very young, yet mature platform.

Is Game Design a Viable Profession?

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In a word, yes. Now, there exist plenty of game studios out there which rake in profits in the billion dollar figures every year. To name a few, Activision, Ubisoft, and EA come to mind. The great thing is, these companies hire from all kinds of backgrounds, sound, art, visuals, code, and management. Because the fact is, gaming is the most immersive of all media, and people from all kinds of educations are needed in order for a successful game to be released. For young people with a passion for gaming, never shy away from attempting to be a game developer, as if you’re passionate enough, there can be few feelings more rewarding than making a game which you can call your own.

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